Introducing the New Cybex Balios S Lux

Made for living city life to the max, the all-new CYBEX Balios S Lux has all the flexibility and luxurious comfort you and your child could wish for. Right from day one.



With a travel system you’ve got every base covered.
Choose between a Cot S Lux, a baby car seat or a pushchair seat to get your loved one wherever you need to be.



Don’t let bumps, curbs or cobbles slow you down. With a combination of front-wheel suspension and innovative frame-based rear suspension, you can enjoy a new level of comfort.



Get your child secure in their pushchair ‒ fast. It only takes seconds to fit the harness to perfection, so the snuggest rides also come as standard.



A 10 kg load capacity makes the Balios S Lux an invaluable companion, whether you're doing the weekly shop, setting off on a day trip or a having a picnic in the park.



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